For Success-Focused Women Who Are Fed Up of Therapy

 The New 10X Toxic Ex 
Recovery System That's
10X Faster Than Therapy + 
10X Your Self-Worth
& Peace Back


 PLUS: You Get A 1-1 Call With ME Personally To Help You With a 5-Min Mind Hack That'll FAST-TRACK Getting Over Him, Based On Your Unique Trauma Type
Just US$47

From: Cherlyn Chong Kelly

To: Smart, Driven Women Struggling with Codependency

When I tested this new 10X Recovery System strategy on my private clients, I knew it would either be the best relief they've ever felt, or it was going to entirely bomb.

Imagine how I felt when so many of them instantly felt 50% better, almost like the anxiety was sliding right off their shoulders, in the first hour!

It was SO effective, in fact, that they were able to get over the ex in 1/3 of the time we thought it'll take and get excited about their futures!

But guess what’s even better than that?

85% of those ladies went on to better careers or endeavors resulting in higher financial gain, better relationships with friends and family, and some found the love of their lives after the ex!

That means that we were able to successfully STOP the long years and energy on the wrong men and call in the abundance, confidence and peace that we truly deserved.

And this was all without:

  • Talking about feelings to death
  • Waiting for "time to heal all wounds"
  • Struggling to be understood by therapists, healers and counsellors
  • Dating or sleeping with other men to soothe the hurt
  • Vices like overeating, drinking or smoking

This New 10X Recovery System Was BLOWING AWAY My Old Healing Strategy

To put everything into context, I compared our client's results in 60 days using the old system, and compared the critical data points with the first 60 days using the new system.


Trauma can bring up a lot of fear. 

We've got your back with our 

30-DAY 100% SUCCESS guarantee*.


I know I can add immense value to your life, and unlike your ex, I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.

I guarantee that if you follow all the modules, participate in the community and implement everything we discuss on the live calls and videos, you’ll get 10X the results in 30 days than you would during the same time in traditional therapy.

Of course, we’re aiming far higher than that, but I want to do as much as possible so that
signing up to the 10X Recovery is a complete no-brainer.

*Participation conditions apply and are disclosed at bottom of this page.

The 10X System works because we do things differently.

It revolves around 3 CORE pillars:


We're all about data and research. It's about rewiring the brain and shifting it to a healthy mental state.

After 7 years of healing broken hearts, we've got healing down to a science.


Efficient toxic breakup recovery is really about applying a fitness regime and a business strategy to your brain.

It's about knowing what to do and when to do it. It's about ACTION, not time.


You can't move forward if you don't nourish your soul. Trauma imprints on the mind, body and soul.

 It's an invisible hole in your spirit that only you feel. We'll be healing you, ALL of you.

We live, breathe and 

It revolves around 3 CORE pillars:


Cherlyn Chong

Cherlyn is a breakup recovery and dating coach for high-achieving professional women who want to get over toxic men completely and love fearlessly again. She helps these ambitious women break toxic relationship cycles forever, date fearlessly and find true love again.

In addition to being an advisor for Elite Daily, she has been featured in the Business Insider, AskMen, Bustle, Mindbodygreen, The Huffington Post, Upworthy, Thought Catalog and Lifehack.

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