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The Science-Based Blueprint to Healing Your SoulStopping the Painful Thoughts of Him and Ending the Cycle of Hurt

The Science-Based Blueprint to Healing Your SoulStopping the Painful Thoughts of Him and Ending the Cycle of Hurt

Do you feel broken just thinking about him?
I know the feeling.

I know how it's like to love someone so damn much and think, "Finally, this is it," only to get completely screwed over.

You thought you'd NEVER be heartbroken over a guy.. AGAIN.. especially when you thought, after so many other men, that you had finally gotten it right.

And the many questions start pouring in.

"Is there something wrong with me?"
"How could he move on so quickly?"
"How does he have it so easy?"
"Am I not meant to have love?"

And the worst of the lot:

"Why wasn't I enough?"

That question haunts you—right from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed.

Night times are the worst, because that's when you're truly alone with your thoughts and they go round and round in your head.

I know that, despite everything that happened, you still wish you could have him back. Not the angry, hurtful him.. the loving, kind him.

Because when it was good, it was really good.

No one had the confidence he did.
No one paid as much attention to you as he did.
No one challenged you like he did.

You miss him, I know.

The way he joked with you, those little couple jokes no one else knew.

The way he smiled his smile that made you melt inside.
The way he looked in the morning while he slept.
The way he smelled... a scent that you could lose yourself in.

You truly believed that you two would make it.

And it hurts you.. really devastates you to the core that he didn't.. wouldn't.. fight for what you had.

He broke his promises to you and went off and now you're left picking up the pieces of your broken heart.

You are not alone.

For years, I've worked with smart, ambitious women just like you who are lost, devastated and betrayed. All that pain is as real as fuck and you carry it as a huge weight on your chest every single day.

But here’s the truth you need to know..

No matter how hard you work to push past this, how much progress you've made, no matter how successful you are in the other areas of your life, one of the most important habits you need to develop in order to get your happily ever after is this:

You must learn how to break all your current relationship patterns in a way that truly CALLS in the relationship that you want...

...or you'll be forever stuck with men you don't deserve who love to hurt you.

Don't just take my word for it, look at the divorce statistics. 

In the US alone, 41% of first marriages, 67% of second and 73% of third marriages end in divorce. Why? People don't learn. They self-sabotage, again and again and again.

I can't stress this enough.

Because it really isn't the fact that Jesus hates us (right?) or that we weren't enough or that there is something wrong with us, but the fact that, for some reason, we chose to ACCEPT men who make really lousy boyfriends and husbands.

Yes, it's completely not our fault that our partners are douchecanoes, but it's our responsibility to figure out how to push past the carnage and take charge of our lives.. and make that stick.

If you've been in this position many times before, always getting screwed over by the wrong men, then there's a high chance that you will continue doing something really ineffective unless you get real with yourself.

It is so uncomfortable to know how much we've let these men control our lives.

I should know, because I've dated man after man who just didn't give a crap about me when it really came down to it. I've let them use me, lower me and emotionally abuse me.

And in 2015, I got pretty much screwed when my ex, who promised to marry me, not once but twice, broke my heart 4 times and left me sobbing and exhausted from trying to get him to see that I was worth it, that WE were worth it.

By the time the last breakup rolled around, he had hurt me so much that, in a moment of pure clarity, I decided that I was DONE. D.O.N.E.

You shouldn't have to beg someone to care.
That's not love.
That's abuse.

I was determined to do something about it. I was going to get back my goddamn shining light, and I was going to take back my life.

So I did just that, and in 30 short days I was able to bounce back from breakup to breakthrough. I got pretty damn real with myself and literally become a different person. I made sure to NEVER repeat the same relationship mistakes I made before, which resulted in meeting my current wonderful boyfriend in less than a year from my breakup.

And I want the exact same thing for you too.

That's why I created this NO-FAIL, SCIENCE-BASED system that shows you, step by step, how to heal your soul, stop the painful thoughts and end the cycle of hurt so you can FINALLY let go of his ass.

Even if you think that you will never find someone like him again

Introducing the Get Over Him Course

The Transformational Group Course Guaranteed to Get You Unfucked and Unstuck

Get Over Him is my 8-Week Science-Based Blueprint Course with private access to an amazing Facebook Community that truly gets you.

Run personally by me, the group consists of women who are going through the EXACT same thing you're going through, and we're all going to do this together, LIVE in real time. 

If you need a mindset change, a proven strategy and accountability so you don't go back on yourself..
We have got your back

During the full 8 weeks, if you hit any snag, no matter how small, you'll be able to vent, find support and great advice from me and women who care. 

I hop around and answer ALL questions in the group personally. You'll also be invited to empowering ~1hr LIVE coaching sessions in the group that I'll be conducting every single week as each module becomes available to you.

Additionally, you'll gain access to worksheets, homework assignments, bonus modules, live workshops, live healing sessions, hypnotherapy audios and my best resources to help you power through your breakup and heal up for good.

Heal Your Soul

It can feel like he took a big piece of you and ran away with it. Let's get that missing part of you back and make you whole once again.

Stop the Painful Thoughts

Constantly thinking of him or all the good times and beating yourself up for it? Let's put a stop to that nonsense and find you peace.

End the Cycle of Hurt

We don't just aim to heal you from your breakup. We aim to help you end the cycle of bad relationships and shitty men.. for GOOD.

NO more late nights filled with dread
We'll be there for your darkest days

Who is the course for?
It's for women who are...

  • check
    Wanting out of the pain, right now
  • check
    Sick and tired of crying over the ex
  • check
    Seeking direction, clarity and strategy
  • check
    Ready to take charge of their lives, once and for all
  • check
    Looking for more impact than therapy
  • check
    In need of real, proven results that stick
  • check
    Looking for a healthy, loving relationship
  • check
    Invested and committed to their success, both personally and professionally

So What's In It?
Here's exactly what you'll learn:

Module 1

Drowning and The Loss of Your Ship

Our journey starts with acknowledging two very key things—that there's a moment of pure shock when your ship (your relationship) sinks and then the devastation that feels like you are drowning. 

In this module, you'll:

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    Learn the psychology of shock, and determine if you are still in emotional shock— i.e., "Can't believe this is happening to me" or feel like you're in a fog
  • check
    Prevent self-doubt from spiraling out of control with one powerful statement
  • check
    Learn how to cope with the onslaught of the endless devastation
  • check
    Enforce your No Contact and understand why it's so important
  • check
    Compartmentalize the painful feelings with the "Robot" technique so you can just get what you need done 

Module 2

Getting to the Surface

The endless onslaught of devastation can feel like drowning with no end in sight, but here, we gently get you floating to the surface for your first breath of precious air.

In this module, you'll:

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    Understand why grieving and expressing your emotions—devastation, anger, guilt, fear, shame, etc—is so important 
  • check
    Be able to survive the necessary grief work as we work through it step by step
  • check
    Discover why the "Purging" technique is a key thing to do after grieving
  • check
    Get the answers to the Stage 1 questions in your head—why your relationship failed, why your ex did what he did, etc
  • check
    Find the courage within you to accept that your breakup happened
  • check
    Cultivate deep empathy and compassion for yourself to help you look forward, not back

Module 3

Learning How to Swim

Now we're really flowing!

The road ahead can be super daunting, but we'll start the psychological separation between you and your relationship by learning how to take very small strokes before the bigger, scarier ones.

In this module, you'll:

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    Learn how to cope with the sadness of the mornings and the nights
  • check
    Use the "Reject the Rejector" visualization that mentally puts your ex back in his place
  • check
    Create a loving, positive environment for your healing journey
  • check
    Discover how to drop the victim mindset and embracing the "What Does It Take?" mindset
  • check
    Challenge your deepest doubts, insecurities and fears so you can make a "Daring Decision"
  • check
    Not go back on yourself by learning the 4 "Breakup Don'ts" too many women make
  • check
    Use the seemingly counterproductive "Even More" method to propel yourself to take that first, scary step forward

Module 4

Finding Your Own Cruise Ship

We are swimming along powerfully and establishing ourselves as a brand new person on this Earth. We're finding our own damn cruise ship, building it up and firmly proclaiming ourselves as the captain of it.

In this module, you'll:

  • check
    Rise up and establish who you are as a person in relation to everything else on this Earth
  • check
    Lock in key identities—the new person that you truly want to be
  • check
    Create identity-based habits that stick using the "Implementation Intention" strategy and my favorite habit tracker app
  • check
    Utilize the extremely powerful "Anchor" method to take back control of the painful memories 
  • check
    Start truly understanding yourself and your painful relationship patterns
  • check
    Learn exactly what your relationship attachment style is and what you can do about it

Module 5

Surviving the Waves

Grief waves are just an part of the process, but no one is ever prepared for how devastating it might actually be. Here, we find out to how prepare for and deal as life lets a huge tidal wave splash over you again.

In this module, you'll:

  • check
    Understand and deal with the grief waves and painful triggers
  • check
    "Embrace the Suck"—how to utilize this military speak to deal with the lemons life throws
  • check
    Get the answers to the Stage 2 questions in your head—how can he move on so easily, why is this so hard for you, etc
  • check
    Leverage your anger and any desire for revenge to producing the best results you have in years
  • check
    Actively manage loneliness and hopelessness—when you wake up and ask yourself if there's any point to all of this
  • check
    Learn how to deal with the ex if you bump into him or if he comes back/texts back

Module 6

Finding Land


You have lead your ship to land. On this new soil, you'll say goodbye to the ocean where your former relationship lies, forgive, let go and move on for good. You now have the power to NEVER let another relationship conquer you ever again.

In this module, you'll:

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    Severe all attachments and release yourself from the ex in a "Promise Break" ceremony 
  • check
    Forgive yourself, your ex and all past exes with the "Water Flow" meditation
  • check
    Learn how to lock in new behaviors and habits that end the cycle of toxic men for good
  • check
    Set down soft and hard boundaries for people 
  • check
    Discover how to conquer the crippling fear of getting hurt again
  • check
    Understand why vulnerability and true courage are the key to leading a heart-centered life

And Additional Bonuses
To help you in your journey:

Super Bonus

Deep Dive Session

This special 1-hr Deep Dive Session is included for all FAST-ACTION early birds who enroll into the course while on the call.

This is a 1:1 coaching session with me where we:

  • check
    Go DEEP into your relationship
  • check
    Analyze it from start to finish
  • check
    Give you ALL the answers to the many questions in your head
  • check
    Get VERY clear on what exactly happened
  • check
    Leave you feeling MUCH better

Bonus 1

Additional Lessons

The main modules cover a whole bunch of material, but there will still be some very specific things that you might experience during your healing journey. These bonus lessons will help you out even more:

  • check
    How to Get Yourself to Sleep and Eat
  • check
    Dealing with the Dreams
  • check
    How to Break it to Other People
  • check
    How to be "Normal" Around Other People
  • check
    Copy + Paste Texts for Dealing with the Ex
  • check
    Helping the Kids Cope (If You Are A Parent)

Bonus 2

Hypnotherapy MP3s

Hypnotherapy is a great tool to help relax and imprint unconscious empowering ideas in your head. There's one Get Over Him hypnotherapy for each healing module, voiced personally by me:

  • check
    You're Doing Just Fine
  • check
    Stop Thinking of Him
  • check
    Reject the Rejector
  • check
    You Are Loved
  • check
    Embrace the Suck
  • check
    Water Flow

Bonus 3

Live Facebook Group Workshops + Healing Sessions

In addition to the LIVE Facebook Coaching Sessions every week, you get LIVE Workshops and LIVE Healing Sessions with me where I take you through the science and psychology of one specific HOT topic OR heal you up right in that session.

Both will be conducted on alternative weeks of each other, and you will get topics like:

  • check
    Healing with the EFT Technique
  • check
    Healing with the Matrix Reimprinting Technique
  • check
    Healing with Hypnotherapy 
  • check
    Healing with Guided Meditation 
  • check
    Stonewalling—Why He Shuts Down
  • check
    Why Some Women Have It So Easy
  • check
    Conquering the Feeling of Being Replaced
  • check
    Why It Won't Last With the Other Woman
  • check
    Why It Seems So Easy for Him To Move On (It's Actually Not)
  • check
    Why Friends Don't Seem to Understand (And What to Do About It)

Bonus 4

1-Year Access to Sleep & Meditation Software

I LOVE my meditation and sleep apps, and I only recommend the ones I use for myself and my past clients that have really worked for us. So you get 1 year's access to:

  • check for Sleeping, Focus and Meditation
  • check
    Calm for Mindfulness and Meditation

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