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It's scientifically proven that the most successful people are also detail-oriented. 

So, please make sure to read everything below before booking your call:

This call is free, but NOT for everyone.

Here's what I need from you:

  • You really like my personality.

    I'm the kind of person who is no-nonsense and very upbeat. I make you laugh, but I will push you to achieve 100% success with me.

    We've had a >97% success rate that is WAY higher than the 50% success rate of therapy. Not kidding. ;)

    But if you need someone to coddle you or you don't feel excited about finally changing your life, I am not the right personality fit for you.
  • You need to be deadly serious about yourself. You can be nervous or even terrified, but you must be serious TODAY.

    This is for the most committed women who want to be more, earn more, do more, and stop letting toxic men get in the way of all of that. They have done their planning and want to move forward right now.

    If you are just curious and still in "research" mode, please follow me longer or research me so you can be certain I'm right for you.
  • You're financially willing, ready and able to invest in a program that cares about RESULTS. While the call is free, if we're a great fit, I’ll invite you to either the 2-mth group program OR the 3-mth 1:1 VIP program. Both require a significant financial investment.

    The Get Over Him program is designed for professionally-accomplished women who appreciate a high level of service and guidance, and see their love life as a priceless investment.

    They are ready to conquer high-functioning anxiety, uplevel their careers and create real joy in their lives, all without living in the shadow of their exes.

    The GOH Program is a one-time lifetime investment, with a minimum upfront deposit of AU$577 for the group program OR AU$1,000 for the 1:1 program, after which there are payment plans for the full investment for both.

    You’ll get your life back in 3 months or I'll help you till you do. 

Sound like you? Just fill in this form and let's change your life:

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