The Two-Week Live Healing Immersive

Ready to finally start healing from the trauma of a toxic relationship?

Get Over Him: The Two-Week Healing Immersive is our solution to get you off and running as powerfully as possible.

Can't attend live? No problem! 

All videos and COURSE material will be recorded and given to you to rewatch and reread anytime you want.

Taking all the data and observations from our flagship program, Get Over Him, we know that in order to get our women seriously healing is to get them seriously motivated. Inspired. Hopeful.

Self-help books and YouTube videos can only do so much. 90% of our women come in because they've been seeing their therapists for MONTHS without results... only to transform profoundly and rapidly with us.

Stop wasting time.

Stop wasting energy and money on things that do not work for you.

Come and actually start getting over the anxiety, sadness, loneliness and awful weight on your chest that you feel every single day, with proven techniques, science and the magic of reprogramming your mind.

To kick off, you will be invited to tell us about your situation and your goals so that we can shape our live teachings according to what YOU want. You get to have a voice here.

Then, every single day for 14 days, you'll be pushed into ACTION with loving letters from Cherlyn right in your email inbox.

During the live run, you will be invited to a intimate VIP group full of women just like you, run by the Steps to Happyness team, to get as many of your concerns and questions answered, AND invited to attend short LIVE classes that pack a punch, occurring 3 times a week.

Remember, we are ALL doing this together, it's a powerful manifestation of positivity and fierceness!

At the end, you'll be able to book a 20 min recovery analysis call with Cherlyn, so you'll personally get an analysis of where you're at and a trauma recovery plan that works for YOU.


Heal Fiercely as ONE

Nothing says FIERCE more than a group of empowered women getting over their exes together. It's like Gatorade and Red Bull combined for our souls.

Deal with Anxiety & Loneliness

It can be pretty scary doing this on your own. Let's get you the support, healing and warm hugs you need to get out of this.

Wake Up Feeling Like Yourself Again

They can hurt you but they can never break you. Learn how to feel like you have your life back again, like you're in control again.

The best "revenge" against the ex is to be as fabulous as you can.

Live better, have better, BE better.

Cherlyn Chong

Hi, my name is Cherlyn Chong and I'm a regularly consulted breakup trauma and dating expert on Forbes, Business Insider, Elite Daily, Yahoo!, MSN, AskMen, Mindbodygreen and Bustle.

I've helped over 4,000 women from the U.S., Canada, Australia and S.E. Asia get over their exes and find freedom again.

And I deeply believe that the only way to get over a toxic breakup is to be as fabulous as you can be without the ex.

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2 Weeks LIVE with Cherlyn
Let's push you out of this fuckery

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