30 Days of Healing

Let's mend your broken heart in just 20mins a day.

And get you smiling again.

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Breakups suck.

If there was a magical way to unsuck a breakup, we would definitely all be on it by now.

But the fact remains that breakups do suck.

And everything after that doesn't get much better either.

I've found that, even though friends do mean well and do help a lot at the initial stage, it eventually and inevitably ends up in this scenario:

And then.. well, it was more or less up to me to really get over it.

That's fine I guess.. but the struggle was that I didn't really know how.

I mean, what do you do when toxic thoughts like "Why wasn't I good enough?" keep going round and round in your head?

How do you go on when are so very many emotions to deal with that you simply just need to sit down and breathe for a minute?

And how exactly do you deal with the knowledge that there's now a huge gaping hole in your heart and you don't know if it's ever going to be filled again?

When I think back to when I was struggling, I really would have appreciated someone to help me through it all.

Someone to tell me that I wasn't alone, that what I was feeling wasn't something stupid or strange or silly.

Someone to tell me just how to not torture myself with everything.

And someone to just listen.

Heartbreak Buddy is my answer to the wishes of my past heartbroken self.

I created it because if I had someone to guide me back then, I wouldn't have taken 2 years to get over someone who was just always going to leave.

Absolutely NO ONE is worth taking that much time to get over.

NO ONE is worth that amount of pining, that amount of disintegrating self-respect and that amount of hopelessness.

I want to make sure that you won't ever have to worry about taking 2 full years to let go of that much pain.

I want to make sure that you get over this fast.

So think of the course as a really good pair of underwear.

No one knows it's there, but you still feel pretty dang awesome.

You're going to be OK, I promise.

YOU matter, and YOU are enough.

There really is a light at the end of that very dark tunnel.

It's just up to you if you truly want to see it.

Ashley's Story

I was skeptical at first because I wasn't quite sure if the e-mail/support group was something I really needed.

After reading over your comic, website and the packages offered, I decided to do it. It took me a few days to decide but I am so glad I signed up.

There really is a light at the end of that very dark tunnel.

It's just up to you if you truly want to see it.

Your daily e-mails and the FB group offer wonderful resources and outlets for the situation.

I sometimes feel like I may bombard other people with my emotions and the breakup. I don't want to tire out my family and friends with my current situation. So it's great to have the support group available.

It's definitely been hard to read some of your e-mails, the truth really does hurt but I cannot tell you how much this puts things into perspective. I just have to remind myself that this pain is temporary and nothing is permanent.

I feel like I'm slowly gaining my power back and pulling in those anchors... HBB is my savior and I can't thank you enough!

Who the HECK am I?

My name is Cherlyn and I'm a transformational life coach for smart, busy people who have no time to be devastated.

Since then, I've made it my mission to push people past their own breakups and divorces because I never want anyone to suffer as much as I did.

I've always thought that laughter was the best medicine, and so I've been very determined to deliver a butt load of inappropriateness along with advice that actually works.

Think of me as your helluva interesting fairy godmother with pom-poms. And pu'er tea.

Cherlyn Chong

Let's Focus on That Plush Doll

There is NOTHING as important as YOU right now.

So let's start lovin' the heck out of you, shall we?

Let's Get You Lots of Support

You're not alone in feeling what you feel.

There are many JUST like you, and you DON'T have to do this by yourself.

Let's Find You Your Turtle

A turtle is the moment when you are no longer in pain or thinking of your ex.

Let's find that moment.

So what is Heartbreak Buddy, exactly?

They say "time heals all wounds." I say "screw time, let's do this faster."

Heartbreak Buddy is a 30-day email course based off my popular Heartbreak comic, and is essentially exactly as it sounds like; a best friend who will go through your heartbreak with you.

It's the only healing course out there that combines science, cartoons, laughter and many of my original healing techniques to push you through your heartbreak, fast.

"Time heals all wounds" does NOT work and is actually rather shit advice. I say you can heal in as little as 5-20mins a day (that's how long each email takes to read).

This actually works simply because we will be focusing on all those baby steps to truly help you make that change. You've just fallen, and I'm here to help you walk again, step by step. I tell it like it is, all with YOU in the centre of it all (See, I'm a big fan of you.)

You might be wondering, is this course for you? Well, Heartbreak Buddy has been especially helpful for men and women who (tick all that apply):

  • Thought, truly thought, that the ex was "The One"
  • Had "so much in common" with the ex and thought they "were perfect" together
  • Gave a lot to the relationship
  • Are afraid to exhaust friends and family through constant rumination of the ex
  • Have friends and family who want them to "just get over the breakup already"
  • Feel very alone after the breakup
  • Want more support in addition to current face-to-face therapy sessions
  • Just want to get over the ex, fast

If that sounds like you, you're in the right spot. Let's go cry like a baby, laugh our asses off and get stupidly happy together.

Depending on the Option You Select, You Get:

1. 30 days of My Step-by-Step Proven Framework and the Most Entertaining Healing Roadmap Ever

This is the same healing framework I've used to push hundreds of people past their breakups with GREAT results!

Here's what we're going to cover:

  • Week 1 - No Contact, The Myth of Closure, Grieving and Dealing With All the Horrible Thoughts in Your Head
  • Week 2 - The Dreams, How to Take the Power Back, Your Ex's Potential vs Their Reality
  • Week 3 - Learning to be OK with Being Single, Loving Your Self-Plush Doll, Why Fairytales Have Lied to You
  • Week 4 - What Truly Works in a Long-Term, Healthy and Happy Relationship, Letting Go and Moving On

After Week 4, you get an additional 10 bonus emails that dig deep into the human psyche and give you additional tools to truly push you forward. That's 40 days of epic awesome!

Enough of all that fluff and all the "what you should do but not how to do it" long-ass paragraphs.

I'll tell you exactly why your ex is now in the SUCK category of your life, all about the importance of "The Great Mountain of Happyness" and why "Life's Just a Game of Dodgeballs."

And maybe, just maybe, you'll decide that you're really better off without that vile melodrama piece of cow dung your ex. =)

2. The "How to Tell Your Ex to Fuck Off" eBook

How to Tell Your Ex to Fuck Off: A Visual Guide to Shutting Up That Person in Your Head & Taking Back Your Sanity is an illustrated and rather charmingly inappropriate guide to help you get rid of the unwanted ex who insists on living in your head.

Yes, you can tell your memories to take a long walk off a very short pier. We're going to get personal, we're going to get empowered and we're going to do all of that with stupidly cute cats, aliens and shit.

It's the guide you have always wanted and never had. And it's going to rock your socks off.

3. A Kickass Facebook Support Group (all the cheerleaders you'll ever need in one place)

Living life again on your own terms actually feels doable when you've got a whole team to rah-rah you on. We're all here to heal, after all.

I personally moderate the group every single day to make sure it's just the most genuine, loving and respectful group ever.

This private member-only group is an incredibly valuable part of Heartbreak Buddy, and once in there, you're in there forever to get all the support you need, especially during those extremely hard mornings and nights.

4. Challenges, Check-Ins and Direct Answers to Your Posts

Direct support & light coaching from me comes in 2 forms:

  • Weekly check-ins about the challenges assigned (I want to know how you're doing!)
  • Direct replies to your posts in the Private Facebook Group

More on these two forms of support & coaching below!

5. "First Look" Access to New Content, Courses and eBooks

HBB Members are part of an exclusive community and will always be the first to know of new exciting little things that I do, including:

  • Exclusive "first look" access to new courses
  • Complimentary new eBooks
  • Complimentary new checklists & action plans
  • New inspirational posts and concepts every week in the Facebook Group
  • New technique or inspiration videos in the Facebook Group
  • Invitations for free 1x1 private coaching sessions

Your 30-Day Direct 
Support & Light Coaching

Weekly Check-Ins

I encourage you to check-in with me via the Facebook Group at certain times in the course because, since you've trusted me and put your pain in my hands, I do want to know how you're doing!

These quick check-ins are about 5mins to complete and also help keep you accountable with the actions you take.

Each one comes with a goal or challenge to help you forward in your healing. They might be really scary to take on (because we're basically facing your fears and pain head on), but will always be small and doable.

If you can't meet them just yet, no worries, I will be there to encourage you with gaudily colored pom-poms.

Facebook Group Posts

Each time you post to the Facebook Group asking for advice, I make sure you get it.

I answer posts personally, usually in great detail.

The other Heartbreak Buddies and I take care of you when you need to rant, sob or just reach out.

This is TRULY essential and why people rave about the HBB group so much.

It is so comforting to know that there are other people in just as much hurt as you are, just when you think that you are all alone.

We're a 24/7 resource and you'll ALWAYS have the support you need here.

Hear It From the Facebook Support Group

Support Timeline

"100% confidentiality - your secrets are safe with me"


Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

Is Heartbreak Buddy suitable for divorcees?

Is this for straight people only? Is the community gay-friendly?

Will this guarantee me getting over my heartbreak?

I have a history of trauma, PTSD, depression and/or anxiety. Will this course help?

What is the difference between your course and other courses out there?

Can I gift this to someone?

I have another question. How do I contact you?

"Why should I pay to listen to you?"

Well, what's the cost of staying stuck in pain? What's that worth to you?

As a transformational coach, the one thing I've found that holds people back from healing is the lack of investment and commitment to themselves.

When you make the commitment to join the Heartbreak Buddy community, you make the commitment to YOURSELF to be done with your ex and heal.

Most of the members come in because they realize - "Ok, you know what, I need more support with this. I need some help. I don't want to do this alone anymore."

Just like you, they saw my comic, felt better, and knew immediately that the course would be for them.

Imagine how it would feel if I could help you speed up your healing x10? If I could help you lift that weight off your chest and put a smile back on your face once again?

I've helped people fresh out of their 1st relationships and newly divorced from 30-year marriages. All that pain is very real, and sometimes soul-shattering. I'm here to listen to it all.

You want closure? I have it.

And where else can you get a Support Group that's full of cute cartoons, allows you to swear like the grown-ass adult you are and actually gives good advice?

It's an amazing group I'm super proud of (unlike my nephew, Barry.)

Give the universe the proverbial middle finger.

It's time YOU put the control of YOUR heart back into your own damn hands.

"I was engaged, and then I was not.

I became depressed (I wasn't eating, stayed in bed and cried for hours on end, had thoughts about hurting myself) in the first month and was slowly climbing out of it.."

"Seeing your comic, Cherlyn, was a huge sign to me because it so clearly depicted what I was feeling and it contained a turtle! It was cute and it was very uplifting.

On top of seeing my therapist every Friday, this course and support group is fantastic.

I never thought something like this existed and, since I can't call my therapist every time I'm having a down day (because there are boundaries and I will get charged), I'm glad I can leave my thoughts here and have a supportive group that knows exactly what I'm going through and can offer me words of encouragement and words that will bring me back to reality.

You're all my Heartbreak Buddy therapists and friends!"

- Crystal

"I met someone whom I thought might be the one. We even got married. However, our relationship was unstable from the start."

"We finally separated a couple of years ago, and I slipped back into a state of depression, self-loathing and self-blame.

Then one day, I came upon an article about finding happiness. It wasn't the first time I read an article like this, but this one was different.

I emailed the site's owner, and she replied. That is how I came to meet Cherlyn. She told me that what I was going through was perfectly normal, and that in order to find happiness, I had to focus on me.

When she mentioned her online course, I was eager to join. Thanks to her, I have met others online who have all suffered the pain of a breakup, in one way or another.

We quickly became friends, giving each other advice, sharing our stories, our hopes, our pain, our progress and setbacks. With the hope and support I have found, I can't recommend this course any higher.

While I have not achieved happiness yet, I am well on my way there, and there's no looking back."

- Eric

"My break-up happened over a year ago, and I never quite got over it. And I have long felt like a pathetic loser for still pining for her over a year later."

"The NC time and this group and Cherlyn's insights has helped me greatly.

After a full year of not getting over her (literally, the break-up happened over a year ago), I think that these past 50 days have been amazing in helping me process and move forward.

I LOVE the challenges! I would have never thought to do them if not for the emails.

I sent her a closing e-mail a couple of days ago. Haven't heard back from her yet and frankly I don't care that much whether I ever do or not.

I would NEVER have been able to say that before this group! Thanks Cherlyn!

2016 will be my year to move forward! Now, to look for some turtles!"

- Ranjit

"Taking this course was one of the most beneficial, kindest things I have ever done for myself."

It not only became a rock to hold onto amongst those huge waves during a break up but I learnt so much about myself, about my ex (and ex's) and it was the start of a huge growth period of learning about relationships and what I want from one and how to go about getting that.

Thank you for the smart, humorous, real advice you gave me - tough love at times but generally 100% spot on.

Having a group where I could post how I was feeling and not be judged was so supportive and helped me heal.

I can't believe that I can even type these words and say that I am in love and love someone special again and he me. But this time it has been done right.

It's not a giddy, teenage love but a deep, contented, finally at peace, I want to grow old with him kind of love.

It took me over half my adult life to find this sort of love. Was it worth the wait and all that heartache that came before?

You bet. =)

- Tracey

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You are in a delicate situation right now, and I don't take advantage of that.

So, you are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If you have given what you've learnt a good, honest try, and find that what you are getting just isn't working for you after 7 days, just email me and I will refund you asap.

However, please note that this guarantee works on the honor system. Please don't abuse it.

That's like going into an AA meeting, having everyone help you along and care about you, and then inheriting a butt load of money and going "Ooooo, I'm rich now. I'm getting champagne to celebrate. I'd invite you guys, but you know, sobriety and all. Sorrrrrrrry."

"My promise to you - If what you're getting honestly just isn't working for you after 7 days, let me know and you'll get a refund asap."

All Set? Just Choose the Option You Prefer.



Just the Goods


- Instant Access -

  • Original 30-Day Email Series
  • Checklist, Exercises & Templates
  • 3x Weekly Self Check-Ins
  • 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 10 Bonus Days of Emails
  •  37pg "How to Tell Your Ex to Fuck Off" Ebook
  • 4x Weekly Check-Ins with Me
  • My Direct Replies to Your FB Posts
  • 2hr VIP Intensive Kickstart Private Call with Me
  • Access to the Private Members-Only Facebook Support Group Forever

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- Instant Access -

  • Original 30-Day Email Series
  • Checklists, Exercises & Templates
  • 10 Bonus Days of Emails
  • 37pg "How to Tell Your Ex to Fuck Off" Ebook
  • Access to the Private Members-Only Facebook Support Group Forever
  • 4x Weekly Check-Ins with Me
  • My Direct Replies to Your FB Posts
  • 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 2hr VIP Intensive Kickstart Private Call with Me
  • VIP Treatment

Or save $27 with full pay:

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Best of the Best

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- Instant Access -

  • Original 30-Day Email Series
  • Checklists, Exercises & Templates
  • 10 Bonus Days of Emails
  • 37pg "How to Tell Your Ex to Fuck Off" Ebook
  • Access to the Private Members-Only Facebook Support Group Forever
  • 2hr VIP Intensive Kickstart Private Call with Me
  • VIP: 4x Weekly Check-Ins with Me
  • VIP: Get All Your Questions Answered First in the FB Group
  • 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Charissa's Story

I'll hear something from the therapist I was seeing, and then a similar idea from you, and it's so crazy.. especially how sometimes you just AREN'T ready to believe it deep in your soul.

Both bring me a step closer to healing, and both need the other and almost play off one another... It's just crazy. I could ramble about this forever.

The plushie doll is a perfect image for the self-love that I've been working to cultivate in myself - learning how to love the hell out of myself, and appreciate myself for the incredible person I am.

I'm walking taller (I'm already 5'11" so now I'm really tall) and feeling stronger, wiser, and BETTER than I ever have in my whole life. It's so amazing.

Gosh, now I've really been rambling - but honestly, this course and your wise, true, empowering, honest words have had such an impact. I'm so grateful for you and this course.

I'm so grateful for you and this course.

Mallory's Story

I've mentioned before how helpful this entire process was to my healing. I seriously would not be in this great place without it.

I would say I'm coming out (lawl gay joke since I'm a lesbian) of this course 75% healed in just 30 days which is far more than I expected.

The rest is just about continuing to work on myself, being able to date other people, and maintaining a healthy relationship with whoever the next one is.

And this course has taught me how to do all of those things.

Its oddly similar to personal training. After you've spent time working with clients, you want them to leave you feeling confident they can go into the real world and handle their shit! And thats how I feel :) #hairflip

And I just went on my first date since the break up! The phrase "good things fall apart so better things can fall together" could not be a more accurate way to describe my night. I am on Cloud 9!

Julia's Story

In December I was so confused and fought with myself whether or not I need to start playing games to get him back.

I started listening to a lot of programs that tell you how you should behave when he distances himself.

Then, over the course of the past few months (and you have been such an essential part of my learning process), I finally understood, that actually those "tricks" are no tricks, it's just how one would behave naturally if we were loving ourselves.

It's such a pity that the developers of those programs advertise it as "tricks" to "hook" guys, as this transmits a completely wrong message to women: then we continue thinking, it's our responsibility to get them hooked and if we can't manage, we are not good enough.

I need to tell you how thankful I am about your words and comics.

I don't know you personally, don't even know what you studied, but I knew from the very beginning that it's smart what you are saying, and the way you say stuff really resonates with me

It's open, honest, direct, funny, uplifting, scientific and extremely compassionate. Seriously, I don't think there is any better way to do therapy for heartbreak than yours!