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Get Over Him

Divorce/Breakup Empowerment & Support For Professional Women

Hosted by Cherlyn Chong

Hello! My name is Cherlyn Chong and I'm a breakup recovery and trauma specialist.

And I deeply believe that the best way to heal from a hurtful ex is to be as fabulous as you can be.

And the best way to do it is to band with OTHER women who also gave too much, and heal from the hurt and be MORE. 🥰

That's why I've created this FREE Facebook group of success-focused, professional women who are coming together to:

❤ Receive research-based education & advice from experts who specialize in driven women
❤ Stop the overwhelm of emotions & obsessive thoughts
❤ Be supported, empowered & STRONGER 💪

Get exclusive access to live science videos, research-based advice and love from an amazing community of like-minded professionals who are becoming so much MORE than the ex. 🤗

Sound amazing? It is.