Trauma Type Recovery Plan: 
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I'm pumped to be speaking 1:1 with you!

When we chat, we will:

  1. 1
    Run a quick diagnosis on your Trauma Type
  2. 2
    Help you with any "blind spots" that are preventing you from fully recovering
  3. 3
    Talk about how it will look like working with me privately to guarantee that you achieve full recovery

You'll walk away with a quick recovery strategy, unique only to you.

Full disclaimer, it is our hope that you've gotten such great results with us during the Reverse Recovery that you'd want to join our flagship Get Over Him program so we can help you implement this strategy.

The Get Over Him program is a complete 1:1 solution, privately working with Cherlyn (and the team) for 2.5 months.

There will be no pressure, this is for you if you think working with us is the right next step to guarantee your healing.

Either way, let's be fierce about your FUTURE! 🥳 ⭐ 🥂

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