2 Shelving Your Former Relationship

Going through your first holiday while newly single, even when you're nearly over your ex, can sure bring back a whole new level of dread.

It's an awkward time, and you might feel somewhat anxious, a little lonely and a little guilty, tinged with bits of delight here and there.

Or you might just downright hate everything.

But annoying truth be told, I find that the holidays are actually the BEST time to finally be done with your former relationship. Ya know, "out with the old, in with the new"?

So here's a holiday visualization that I did to clear off all that old energy and leave my former relationship firmly in the past:

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  • 12th November 2016
  • Comics

A Story for Anyone Who Has Ever Loved

Summer, 2010.

I’m in Phoenix, Arizona, it’s morning and I’m just having my breakfast. I sit down next to a guy in glasses. He’s cute and blond, and we’re both traveling around California for two weeks.

I introduce myself, and he says his name is Ben, and that he’s a graphic designer.

Wow, I say, so am I.

And so it begins.

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