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Getting Back Out There:

Evan Marc Katz

Evan Marc Katz is probably the ONLY dating coach for women I'll ever follow. Honestly, who better to tell you how to find the love with a man you deserve than a man?

The thing I really like about Evan is that he tells you this straight up:

and other little nuggets of gold like: "If he doesn’t do the right things, he’s not your man."


"If we give up on love, we are simply never going to fall in love."

Loving him already?

Oh, I hope you are.

Evan has appeared on almost every major news channel and talk show, from CNN to The New York Times to Wall Street Journal. That's him on TED Talk below.

He has lots of free advice on this page, and I highly recommend going over and just taking a look for yourself.

After all, if he can help women in their 60s and 70s, women in wheelchairs, heck, even a BLIND person find love, he can help you too.

You can also check out his products here:

1. Believe in Love - 7 Steps to Letting Go of the Past, Embracing the Present, and Dating with Confidence

This book is for you if the statement below is true:

You DO want to fall in love again. You just don’t want to get HURT again.

You've tried and tried and tried, but after getting your heart broken so many times, you don’t believe that true love, the real kind that makes you feel amazing, that makes you feel supported and cared for, will ever happen to you, so you don’t fall in love.

And this really is because so many of us women keep falling in love with the wrong man. I'm raising my hand here right now, so I'm equally as guilty.

We become so intoxicated with his good qualities - nice ass (maybe just me?), broad shoulders, great smile, amazing eyes, quick wit, impressive career - that we don't even consider his bad qualities.

We don't even consider the fact that he told us that he doesn't want a relationship, we don't even consider the fact that he freaked out at the idea of commitment, and we don't even consider the fact that there are so many much better men out there we could be with instead.

Men who do want to be with us. Men who do want a commitment.

Evan tells you, straight up, to STOP focusing on the qualities that do not matter (really, it's never gotten us anywhere) and how, once and for all, to let go of your fear of getting hurt again and getting back out there like a bad-ass.

Because, after all, the difference between us singles and the happily married women are because they continued to believe in love.

They didn't give up. They believed.

And now they have exactly what we want. What the hell are WE doing?

Not getting the man of our dreams like they have, that's what.

Here's a testimonial from someone who finally believed:

I was a divorced woman in her late forties and I had been looking for love for a decade, and I mean looking! I used all possible tools such as online dating and asking friends to set me up. I read books about dating and finding love. I really tried!

I dated every possible person and every possible type within reason, and sometimes, totally outside of reason. Young, old, you name it—if they were "high quality" men, I dated them, but I could not find love.

Then, I found Evan, who said something that totally rocked my world. When asked why some women only attract noncommittal men, he responded in his no-nonsense way, "You don't ATTRACT those men. You ACCEPT those men."

ROCKETS SHOT INTO THE AIR!!! That was me. While I said that I was looking for love, I accepted the attention of every noncommittal man who came my way.

After two months of practicing being the new me, I met Anthony, and we really hit it off as friends. Though he fit NONE of my criteria of being very tall and handsome, in a fabulous career, or living in the same city as me, as I watched him in his life, I realized that here was the kind of man Evan keeps advising us to consider—stable, loving, responsible, men who want most of all to make us happy!

He has added so much to my life. I feel secure, loved, adored—and yes, for all the women who wonder if he is "exciting" enough, the sex is indeed great. Our daily passion for life and for each other is more than I ever imagined possible with a man.

So thank you, Evan, for so much great advice but especially for that one sentence that made me realize that it was within my power the whole time, and that I was the one who had to change!

Karrie F 

I got Evan's book in part due to the 90-Day money-back guarantee, and I haven't asked for it back at all. =)

You can click below to check it out:

Believe in Love - 7 Steps to Letting Go of the Past, Embracing the Present, and Dating with Confidence​

2. Why He Disappeared - The Smart, Strong, Successful Woman’s Guide to Understanding Men and Keeping the Right One Hooked Forever

I like to call this one:

"The one book that explains why the hell would a guy completely and suddenly ghost on an amazing woman."

And unfortunately, it's not because he had a head injury (dang it).

If this keeps happening to you, again and again and again, and you know you're a great catch, then you absolutely need to get into the head of a man.

And what better way to get into the head of a man than actually listening to one?

Ever wished you could take a guy for a beer and pick his brain about what real men think about dating and relationships? About what makes men fall madly in love with some women and completely vanish on others?

Well, “Why He Disappeared” is even better, because it reads like a conversation with a good friend, but Evan just so happens to be a professional dating coach with all the answers you need to whip your love life into shape.

Paige Parker 
Dating Coach & Author of "Dating with Drama"                 

The best thing I got from this was how to see through to all the players.

Within the first few dates (yeah, seriously).

I don't waste my precious time, and I learn how to let go and just have fun on dates, while simultaneously getting the good men to actually want to pursue me and ask me out again and again and again.

I understand what exactly made men chose some women over others, and simply became one of those women.

The one men would hate to pass up.

Because the truth is, despite how successful, gorgeous, smart or funny you are, you're being passed up for reasons you have never even considered.

Why He Disappeared puts the control of dating back into your own hands, and suddenly, YOU'RE the one calling the damn shots now.

If you've been frustrated and confused about why your relationships aren't working the way you want them to - this book will change your love life. Coming from a man who's had so much experience helping women in real life, who has so many success stories in his track record and has a distinctly masculine point of view is just so incredibly valuable. I loved it.

Rori Raye 
Relationship Coach & Author of "Have the Relationship You Want"                 

Also, it has a 1-year money-back guarantee.

Say what??

Yeah, that's the longest guarantee I've ever seen. That's exactly how confident Evan is that you’ll find love again, no matter what age you are.

You can click below to check it out:

Why He Disappeared - The Smart, Strong, Successful Woman’s Guide to Understanding Men and Keeping the Right One Hooked Forever


Getting Back Out There:

1. Models - Attract Women Through Honesty by Mark Manson

Look, the real reason why you're reading this in the first place is, let's be honest here, a woman fucked you up.

One very real fact that I've found out, from working with lots of men, is that somewhere along the line, a shit woman directly influenced how you felt about yourself and your relationships.

It could be an ex-gf, your mom or a friend.

But somehow, she managed to make you question everything about yourself, and turned you inside out.

And let me get this straight - As a woman, I love men.

I can't do anything about the shit women who hurt you (I'm sorry about them, I really am), but just like I know not all men out there are complete douchecanoes, I know you know that not all women out there are evil witches who want to suck out all your blood.

You're just scared. You DON'T want to get hurt again.

You don't want to put your heart out there once again, only to get crushed by yet another woman.

Well, I want YOU to overcome all that pain, and have exactly what I want for myself - a long-lasting, happy and healthy relationship with a loving, supportive and fascinating partner.

I want you to have a woman in your life who makes YOU feel good.

And to achieve that, dating coach Mark Manson is absolutely the guy to listen to.

A former pick up artist, Mark did a 180 and now presents ideas to men that are honest, refreshing and non-coddling.

Why did he quit being a PUA? Wasn't getting laid by hundreds of hot women the ultimate lifestyle?

In his words:

"You don’t end up in the Pick Up Artist community unless you are incredibly unhappy or unsatisfied about something.

It may be conscious, it may be unconscious.

It may be short-term, or it may be deep-seated and long-term.

But the fact is, the community acts for a lot of men as a diversion or scapegoat from dealing with their real issues — their emotional issues."

And he wrote a book, Models - Attract Women Through Honesty, which is the ONLY book any man afraid of getting hurt again should ever read.

No bullshit. No fluff.

This is a game changer.

In fact, you can download the first 3 chapters for FREE below.

You're welcome. =)

Why do I love this book?

It's basically everything I do in my healing work, but specifically for men.

It's a step by step how-to, that treats women like people.

That treats YOU like someone who deserves to be happy with both himself and with an amazing woman (and amazing sexytimes).

You DON'T have to have a huge dick, be wealthy or even successful. That's the best part.

Women are simply as attracted to men who have the potential to be extremely successful as they are to men who are already successful.

Got it? It's how you behave.

Look what Mike has to say about this:

Mark, I just finished reading your new book Models, and I must say it was one of the most refreshing reads since I’ve started this journey a year ago. I’ve already begun applying it into my life, especially improving my lifestyle.

One thing that has rubbed off on me is your positive attitude toward women and embracing their feminine energy rather than being bitter, angry or frustrated and is and is a mindset I hope to further embrace.

Last night in the club, I noticed how good I felt with many beautiful women dressed to the 9’s, and I simply embraced how cute they are, whereas before I may have gotten frustrated that they get so much attention.

There is a lot of bitterness in the community toward women. It could make for a good article topic to talk about this issue. Anyway, loved the book, love the blog, keep it up.

Mike N. 

So really, download the damn pdf aleady and read it.

You can click below to check out the full book:

Models - Attract Women Through Honesty​

1. The Dating and Relationships Course by Mark Manson

If you love the Models eBook and want a course that's cheaper than a restraining order, this is definitely the one to check out.

This delightful course is for you if the statement below is true:

You DO want to fall in love again. You just don’t want to get HURT again.

You don't want to screw it up. You don't want to get ghosted. You want real love with a non-shitty woman.

And maybe you want people who are going to support you and motivate you while you navigate this tricky, often hurtful and tiring, realm of dating.

So here you go. Real-time feedback and personalized advice by a team of qualified experts and people who have been there.

People who feel you and will go through every dating screw-up or victory you make.

Get it right this time. Get that amazing woman your ass deserves.

You can click below to check out the course:

The Dating and Relationships Course by Mark Manson